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If you haven’t taken a look at your IT situation in a while, it might be time for an improvement. Technology is constantly changing and refining and your business does need to keep up to stay ahead of the game.

Make sure you are getting the most out of your current IT situation and receive feedback, suggestions, and advice about improving your IT infrastructure moving forward. Think’ IT’s IT assessment will audit and review your IT and provide your business with an overview of your network, which will establish the current level of:

  • Security
  • Failover and redundancy
  • Speed and effectiveness, and the
  • Current state of your network

The Thinkn’ IT assessment of your current IT situation will also look at:

  1. Find out if your IT is allowing your staff to operate to their full capacity, it could be preventing them from achieving key objectives within their roles or slowing them down.
  2. An IT assessment can also help determine if your IT is ready for your future business growth or changes within your industry. 
  3. Do you have a disaster recovery plan that you can turn to in case of any IT issues out of your control? It’s important to make sure that you can easily recover your data and that data is backed up appropriately. 
  4. Thinkn’ IT will check your IT network security setup to ensure it’s working properly and ensure its compliance with standard operating practises. 
  5. We will also assess how much time and money is spent within your business on maintaining your current network. Our aim will be to make this cost as effective as possible and allow for efficiency in the workplace. 
  6. Ensure that your maintenance, upkeep, and support of your IT environment is cost effective and funds are not wasted. 
  7. We will check the age and functionality of your IT equipment. This will allow you to see if it’s doing what required for your business, and if it does in fact need an upgrade. 

A thorough IT assessment by Thinkn’ IT can reveal where you can save money and work more efficiently. Find out how you can optimise your business IT today. If you’d like to book an IT assessment today call us on 1300 21 21 31 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a quick response from one of our team members.

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Why use Thinkin' IT?

Variety of Suppliers

We are able to source equipment from top suppliers that include Apple, IBM, Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, Avaya, HP, Symantec, Watch Guard, APC as well as Veritas.

Competitive Costing

We work with a number of the World's top software as well as hardware producers, and our labour charge out rates are very affordable.

Manufacturer Guarantees

With the majority of equipment suppliers, in the event of something going wrong while it happens to be under guarantee, you have to take care of the producer directly. With Thinkin' IT, regardless of what it is that you purchase, we are going to repair / replace and deal with the guarantee claim on your behalf.

Testing and Configuration

Every one of our Fixed Price IT Support plans is suited to your business. This gets rid of a lot of teething problems and minimizes downtime as well as impact on your business at the time of installation.

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