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Cloud storage is when your data is kept safe in a remote online server. Thinkn’ IT clients often ask us if storing their data online is safe. Our response, of course, is that it is perfectly safe and we definitely recommend it. The popularity of cloud storage and increase in cloud computing users proves that security is not an issue when it comes to the cloud. Here’s why:

  1. Your data can’t be destroyed
    • By engaging a cloud system you are protecting your data from physical damage and accidents such as fires (common in server rooms), flooding, natural disasters, and accidents such as spilled coffees and electrical breaks. Storing on the cloud keeps it out of harm’s way, and of course you will be able to utilise the extra space where your server might have been located for something more important, like a break room! 
  2. Decrease your chance of data theft 
    • Moreover, by using cloud computing you are keeping your data safe from the prying eyes of burglars and hackers. It is much easier for a burglar to steal your data and files from an individual computer than it is from a cloud storage system. We can also add key features like military-grade encryption AES-192 on files, with password protection to a secured data centre in Perth. Bye-bye data theft. 
  3. It’s protected by professionals 
    • We’ll admit, we are hard on security here at Thinkn’ IT. We employ the very best anti-virus software, anti-hacker encryptions and we protect our client data with the highest online security possible. It’s often more than one business can afford or install themselves. Therefore you can rest assured that data theft or loss is much less likely to happen in our hands. 

Thinkn’ IT Cloud services use complex security and encryption methods that the average business and computer user wouldn’t have access to. This gives your data an added level of protection, and you the peace of mind that your business is safe from data loss and theft.

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